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Chemistry : Jerome Karle and Herbert A. Careless Whisper : Wham! Like a Virgin : Madonna 3. I Feel for You : Chaka Khan 6. Money for Nothing : Dire Straits 9. Crazy for You : Madonna Take On Me : A-Ha We Built This City : Starship Cherish : Kool and The Gang We Are the World : U. For Africa Shout : Tears For Fears Part-Time Lover : Stevie Wonder Heaven : Bryan Adams Everything She Wants : Wham! Cool It Now : New Edition Miami Vice Theme : Jan Hammer Loverboy : Billy Ocean Lovergirl : Teena Marie You Belong to the City : Glenn Frey Rhythm of the Night : Debarge One More Night : Phil Collins Sea of Love : The Honeydrippers A View to a Kil l: Duran Duran The Wild Boys : Duran Duran You're the Inspiration : Chicago Neutron Dance : The Pointer Sisters We Belong : Pat Benatar Nightshift : The Commodores All I Need : Jack Wagner Freeway of Love : Aretha Franklin Never Surrender : Corey Hart Sussudio : Phil Collins Strut : Sheena Easton The Search Is Over : Survivor Missing You : Diana Ross Raspberry Beret : Prince and The Revolution Suddenly : Billy Ocean The Boys of Summer : Don Henley Obsession : Animotion Material Girl : Madonna Axel F : Harold Faltermeyer Smooth Operator : Sade All Through the Night : Cyndi Lauper Run to You : Bryan Adams Glory Days : Bruce Springsteen Voices Carry : 'Til Tuesday Misled : Kool and The Gang Would I Lie to You?

I Can't Hold Back : Survivor Summer Of '69 : Bryan Adams Freedom : Wham! Too Late for Goodbyes : Julian Lennon Valotte : Julian Lennon And likely to be a pivotal part of a Romance Arc. While many Valentine's Day Episodes will usually air just before or on Valentine's Day, this is not always the case. To be considered a Valentine's Day Episode, a work needs to both explicitly mention Valentine's Day and have a plot focused on love, romance, and relationship , when that hasn't been the sole focus previously.

Also in many cases in the media, though Valentine's Day is in the winter at some latitudes, anyway it can instead appear to be spring , with no sign of bare trees or snow anywhere, compared to real life. Valentine's Day and is all about confession of love, from Marinette trying to give Adrien a love letter, Adrien trying to put his love for Ladybug into words and a villain that turns love into hate.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. An episode of the harem comedy Ai Kora has Maeda trying to smuggle home a chocolate statue made in the shape of a girl with all his "ideal parts". Unfortunately it's on Valentine's Day, and all the girls he knows try and ply him with chocolates and lots of it, in the cases of Ayame and Kirino. He eventually eats so much chocolate he passes out, and awakens to find his chocolate sculpture has melted.

Jewelpet Jewelpet : Episode 46 shows how Rinko is coping after having been kidnapped at the end of the previous episode. She's doing it by making chocolate in her freezing cell with the help of an enemy, just because it's Valentine's and that enemy is suffering from lovesickness. Jewelpet Twinkle : Episode 45, in which Ruby and Labra try to help Akari get together with Yuuma by slipping a love potion into the chocolate she made for him.

Hilarity Ensues when they lose the chocolate and it gets eaten by five boys, who proceed to chase Akari around the school. Jewelpet Sunshine : Episode 45, in which Kanon and Ruby compete in making the best chocolates for Mikage. Ironically, the episode ends with The Reveal that Kanon and Mikage are siblings. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War hasn't actually had a chapter taking place on Valentine's Day yet, though dialogue in chapter which was published on Valentine's Day implies that a major event will take place once it arrives.

More specifically, it's suggested that it'll be when Kaguya and Shirogane have Their First Time since Kashiwagi said that sex comes about two months after the first kiss, and theirs was in mid-December. Chapter 10 of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid has Tohru trying to give Kobayashi chocolate that was spiked with a love potion, but Kobayashi avoided eating it though she still ends up eating it by accident later on.

The anime adapted it as part of the OVA, adding in several scenes for the rest of the cast. Akane hasn't bought any chocolate yet so her friends wonder if she'll give Ranma some homemade ones. He suddenly shows up and says to just buy some instead of making them herself. She kicks him out shouting she has no intention of giving him any. Later she gets asked a favor from a grandmother and her granddaughter to give some chocolates to a kid that once saved the child's doll.

Turns out it was Ranma. One chapter of Sgt. Meanwhile, Fuyuki earns the jealous ire of his classmates when all the girls in the school keep giving him chocolate. He's profoundly disappointed when he finds out all the chocolates are intended for his sister Natsumi , and equally delighted when Momoka shows up at his house with her gift of chocolate.

Wandering Son had at least one Valentine's Day chapter in middle school. Closeted trans girl Mako tries to give her crush Oka a "friendship chocolate" but Oka gets grossed out. Yo-Kai Watch : One episode has both of Nate's male friends getting confessions and chocolates from a girl on Valentine's Day.

Nate becomes jealous and ilogically assumes that the reason they got chocolates from girls while he didn't is because a Yo-kai's screwing with him. He's right. Another episode revolves around Hailey Anne trying to make the best chocolate for Valentine's Day. The problem is that she uses a recipes from her favorite manga, which are all terrible in real life. Kimi ni Todoke : The plot of the anime's second season starts with a Valentine's Day Episode, which is also the last episode of the main cast's first school year.

Despite the normally sweet romantic tone of the series that the first season provided, Sawako's inability to give Kazehaya some chocolate heavily influences their relationship negatively. The impact of that failed Valentine's Day is felt throughout the entire season. GO-GO Tamagotchi! Comic Books. In the end he had Tony Stark make a pair of web-shooting bracelets for her. But when a dating service fails him, he uses material from discarded weapons and his own DNA to create his own bride a la The Bride Of Frankenstein.

The girls, in a subplot early on, entertain ideas of what kind of mother they'd want. Issue 12 of Ms. Marvel , there is a Valentine's day ball, and Bruno tries to invite Kamala to it Scary Godmother : The Bloody Valentine takes place six months after the original book. Orson's parents have gotten into a fight, with Ruby going to visit Scary Godmother and Max going to visit Harry. After some advice, the couple makes up. Comic Strips.

Peanuts dependably focused on Charlie Brown never getting any valentines. Charlie Brown: I know nobody likes me Misa and the Bear is a humorous Death Note Crack Fic where Light has to contend with Misa, his harem of cover girlfriends, L, and Ryuk's misunderstanding of the holiday. Needless to say things don't go as planned. The rest of the story centers on Empath seeing Smurfette in an alternate timeline falling in love with and marrying Hefty when Empath is forced to return to Psychelia, and how he deals with it after he finds out.

Given that the village consists mostly of male Smurfs, it was mostly same-sex pairings, with Papa Smurf going after Smurfette when he was hit with the lust arrow. Eventually, it ends up kicking off one of the main pairings, the One True Threesome , of the series. Asuka tries to give Shinji some home-made chocolates on Valentine's Day without everybody noticing. As Asuka is trying to work up the nerve to give Shinji some home-made chocolates, Rei gives Shinji a chocolate box, earning Asuka's wrath and kick starting the plot.

The Simpsons fanfic " A Simpsons Valentine " takes place in the future but explores Homer and Marge's love life throughout their relationship. It was published a few weeks before Valentine's Day. There's also a b-plot about James getting chocolates from a girl. The Flash Sentry Chronicles : "Hearts and Hooves Day" shows several members of the Mane 6 each spending time with their love interests on the titled holiday. The first chapter of Kanto Calling takes place around White Day. Ash had forgotten because Kalos doesn't celebrate White Day. Harry Potter has had two, neither of which were included in the film versions : In Chamber of Secrets , Lockhart sets up an ill-conceived Valentine's celebration which annoys everyone but himself.

Ginny sends Harry a singing valentine using Lockhart's "card-carrying cupids", but it backfires badly. This also doesn't go so well. Savannah laments somewhat over the fact that her only Valentine's Day plan is to assist her cop buddy Dirk with a stakeout. When Dirk's ex-wife shows up and is murdered with his gun, Savannah spends the days leading up to the holiday working to clear his name and find the real killer, comforting Dirk along the way and realizing, not for the first time, that her feelings for him might be a little more complicated than just friendship.

At the end he thanks her for her support by splitting a heart-shaped box of chocolates with her. Junie B. It was Jim who secretly has a crush on her. Live-Action TV. As with the "I Love You" song, the theme of the special is celebrating close friendships over anything else. He has a plus one and since it will be Valentine's Day would like Penny to accompany him. After successful runs across the nation on stage, this 'delightfully dark', 'jaw dropping', 'heartbreaking', 'relevant' story is being re-imagined for the screen.

Her final sacrifice is a tragically honest twist in line with the only way she can carry on. Got Change for a Two? One-Act 45 min - Co-written with Spencer Temkin. Two friends get drunk, discuss money, and bad-mouth the opposite sex. Grave Assurances by Daniel Guyton. Genre: comedy, dark comedy, drama, horror, satire. Keyword: minute comedy, horror comedy, murder, antisemitism, Stand-up comic, graveyard, cemetery, class and economic inequality. I think I was the luckiest actor there!

Funny, funny stuff! What a rush! Can a common ground be found amiss sic the sense of entitlement — and how far will a person go to hold on to a priceless treasure they so desperately crave? One of 7 haunting one-acts performed in Tales from the Script! Grimbaldt, the Christmas Pimp by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, anti-christmas, prostitution, pimps and hos, Santa Claus, Raunchy comedy, blaxploitation. A series of short vignettes 20 min total intended to be the framework around an evening of short holiday plays.

Grimbaldt the Elf does NOT want to make toys anymore.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Instead, he wants to be a pimp, and entertain the "naughty" people in the audience. That was the most hilarious and completely That was the most hilarious and completely unproducible thing I've seen in a while We were pissing ourselves, and at the same time desperately afraid that anyone would hear us reading it. Holy shit, that was Farrelly Brothers material.

The Grim Raper by Daniel Guyton. One-Act 10 min , The Angel of Death tries to pick up women the only way he knows how With roofies. Genre: dark comedy, drama, political, satire, tragedy. Keyword: one-minute play, Donald Trump, American politics, election, Controversial, anti-racism. Two people debate the merits of a possible Trump presidency in this one-minute play.

Hate Male by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: angry monologues, female monologue, one woman play, prison monologue, prison, jail, horror, sexual abuse, incest, metoo. One-Act 10 min , An angry punk grrrl who hates men is arrested for murder. She tells us why she did it. It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe against an unseen guard on the other It starts with a vitriolic, foul-mouthed diatribe against an unseen guard on the other side of invisible bars.

The woman has suffered sexual abuse, and her behavior and language alternate between sweet come-ons and hateful insults. The innocent-faced Ms. Smallwood, with a bruise around her right eye, nails the character. Hers is the most evocative tale. Smallwood is captivating and a bit terrifying in her portrayal of this damaged character. Keep an eye out for future offerings of this piece. I thought this one really call[ed] out to me. Hilarious Nightmares by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Anthology, Collection, One-Act, minute plays, horror comedy, halloween, atheism, attempted suicide.

A collection of eight Minute Plays with a darkly comedic twist. These shows will terrify you, make you laugh, and might even make you These shows will terrify you, make you laugh, and might even make you cry - all at the same time. Come hear murderous confessions, romances gone wrong, and dreadful deeds aplenty. These dark comedies are sure to delight, offend, and most of all entertain! Published by Next Stage Press. The full collection can be purchased here: www. Daniel Guyton has a wicked sense of humor and a fearless approach to storytelling.

This is a great collection of short plays, and while they will most likely shock and offend you, they all have such meaningful social commentary. Think something along the lines of South Park, except on stage. If you don't enjoy crass humor or have an open mind, this may not be the read for you. If however, you're looking for something new and exciting, pick this up! Dan Guyton is a gifted author, and so unique among the playwright community! Funny, edgy, even spiritual! I was almost offended! Well done, well written and well played!

I love Guyton's sense of humor! These plays are perfect for pushing the envelope while busting a gut from laughter. After you read them, you'll be looking for a stage to perform them. True brilliance. First off, Guyton has written and published a lot of plays and this collection is a very good introduction to his quirky style. His writing is at once funny, disturbing and more than just a little twisted. Secondly, if you're looking to produce a short play, say 15 minutes or less, and you want to find a unconventional comedy that leaves you feeling a bit uncomfortable and maybe somewhat offended , you'll find it in this collection.

Read the first play in this collection, 'Georige Gets a Facelift', about a suicidal young man, and you will immediately see what sort of a ride you are in for. It's not going to be for all tastes, but if you enjoy it, the good news is that seven more plays follow! And if you enjoy this collection you'll probably want to purchase a few more of Guyton's plays.

Do you have possibly eight or ten 10 minute pieces that are comedies? We were thinking maybe of doing a Guyton festival Just wondering. Don't miss this one. The cast has put in a lot of hard work, and the writing is just phenomenal. Oh, and it's funny. And offensive.

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It's like South Park on stage. Or Family Guy, just without the flashbacks. Well, mostly without the flashbacks. There's a tooth fairy. And stage guns. And it's just good, alright? So no excuses. Be there, or be not as cool as I thought you were. It's not really suitable for adults either. In fact, we aren't really sure who it's suitable for. Truly great! I've never seen any of their many productions - as indicated in the text - but it's easy to visualize them on stage.

They are marvelously theatrical. Just as important, I think, they are very well-crafted. And absolutely "hilarious" - that's not an exaggeration. And neither is the term "nightmares. There's a real heart behind the outlandish comedy. Well worth reading - and producing - if you enjoy intelligent entertainment. His Georgie, from 'Georgie Gets a Facelift', is a pushed too far man on the brink, almost talked down from the proverbial ledge by his kind to a fault mother.

The pay-off is well done, allowing Gary to return to his repressed mindset and catapulting him to what we imagine is his next disastrous encounter. Edward Bainsbridge, tips the scales towards the recently incarcerated Bainsbridge honestly tells of his perversion and how he slowly developed his need for this connection. This is written with a bit of southern trashy charm and filled with a wild warmth of description, character, and event. Rebethany is incredibly likable despite her flaws and reading this monologue made me want to see it on stage immediately. Each story allows for moments of laughter, empathy, and deeper experiences of the relationships around us and the variety of forms they can take.

Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, off-beat holiday play, female monologue, one woman play, Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Santa and Mrs. One-Act Monologue 10 min. Mrs Claus explains how she and Santa first met, in this charming one woman monologue. The delightful tale is all the more sentimental because of Steigerwald's tender storytelling ability.

You will find yourself believing every word of the future Mrs. Claus' account of the Christmas she encountered the jolly elf in her childhood home. It is no surprise that this piece earns the Gotta Go "favorite of the evening" award once I realized afterward that it had been written by Daniel Guyton. I hope you receive TONS of productions of this sweet and moving piece. Simply amazing! I'm Not Gay! One Act 10 min. A gay man and a homophobe are trapped on an elevator together. This one was my favorite.

So much ridiculousness. I can't stop laughing! I like lots of straight things too, like wrestling, football, and gladiators. Oh dear. I love how the author developed the characters and the writing was very descriptive. I truly felt like I got to know the characters personally. Your two pieces were last on the bill and the crowd loved them. Good work! The play in the elevator was fun and well done. Very interesting. Full Length by Daniel Guyton.

Gary is a homophobe. The play explores his prejudices in one of the funniest, most shocking tragedies of all time. Loved and hated by critics across the globe, this play nearly caused someone to choke to death on opening night in Iceland. Some say it was from laughter. Others say it was the bile in the back of her throat. Regardless, you'll never forget the experience as Gary tries to prove how Regardless, you'll never forget the experience as Gary tries to prove how "not gay" he truly is. The characterisation was unusually good and it is rare to find such a great cast, in which each and every actor was absolutely brilliant.

The language in the show is foul, but it serves the point. The tolerance of the prudes who see this show will be put to the test, because the language is basically a dictionary of the anus. It's refreshing. I searched for three days to find a monologue that was interesting enough to remember, and exciting and varied enough to perform. I did a little dance It's perfect - hilarious, shows a beautiful range of emotion and out of all the monologues I've read it's the only one that allowed me to instantly visualize who the character is - and it's completely appropriate for the role I'm going for.

List of plays adapted into feature films - Wikipedia

I watched the nine minute clip on your website and I love your sense of humor. I could picture that scene in my mind and it was really touching. In And Out by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: veterans, vet issues, military, PTSD, psychological, social issues, 10 minute play. A young girl imagines she is a military soldier. However, the nurse who keeps interrupting her fantasies would suggest otherwise.

In the Shadow of a War by Daniel Guyton.

Hello Mam Sir - Socky Pitargue

Keyword: Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godot, absurdism, theatre of the absurd, anti-war, 10 minute, absurd comedy. One-Act 10 min , A nod to Samuel Beckett, and a satire of this blasted war. Two roommates await the cannon fire of an impending army. It's highly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but seems to take place in some sort of dungeon in which two prisoners cower and read It's highly reminiscent of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot," but seems to take place in some sort of dungeon in which two prisoners cower and read from a blank book, awaiting a coming war.

The dialogue is opaque and repetitious, but very nicely delivered by Jerry Jobe and Bob Winstead. Julie Taliaferro's direction prevents the action from becoming static. It provokes thought, [and it] needs to be done to perfection to work on all levels. January's Alibi by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: female monologue, women's issues, one woman play, prison monologue, murder mystery, vegetarian, African American female lead.

One-Act 10 min , January is a poor woman, accused of murdering the father of her child. In this interrogation sequence, she explains what really happened. This woman seems unusually enthusiastic about her young son, Allegro Junior although his father has an entirely different first name. Since four-year-old Allegro was at least a witness of the murder, the tone wavers a bit between comedy and seriousness The blocking and acting are first-rate.

She's f-ing funny to me excuse my French. Keyword: fairy tales, one act, children's play, elementary school, ghostbusters, middle school, faerie queen, Titania.

The Loud House Valentine’s Day Guide 💖 + BRAND NEW Clip - #TryThis

A group of children are performing a school play about friendship and teamwork outdoors, when a magical fairy tells them to stay away from their tree. When the teacher calls in the ghostbusters, all chaos breaks loose. Keyword: one act, children's play, King Arthur, round table, elementary school, middle school, video games, nerds, Camelot. One-Act 30 min , A book-smart elementary school student removes a mysterious "motherboard from the stone" and becomes queen of Game-A-Lot, where she and her fellow nerds invent the greatest video game of all time, in this hilarious spoof of the King Arthur legend.

He thinks, and writes, outside the box. If you're looking for material to read or perform, look no further. You'll become better for doing it! That is just what we are looking for. The title is perfect, too. I'm planning on doing it this fall at Cornerstone School. Last of the Tannenbaums by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Christmas play, holiday play, dark comedy, Christmas Tree, minute, baby birds, Evergreen, 10 minute comedy.

One-Act 10 min , Eddie the Evergreen desperately wants to be a Christmas tree, until a little bird tells him what really happens to Christmas trees In it, the lone tree in a clearing of what was once a grove of evergreens Sarah Zuk bemoans her lonely lot. She is titillated and She is titillated and curious when her bird friend Laura Schirmer explains the human tradition of Christmas trees, and looks forward to the arrival of a lumberjack Aaron Gotlieb.

There's a line indicating that the future she anticipates won't come to pass, but the cheery and slightly off-kilter tone sustains throughout. William Thurmond has directed a terrific start to the evening, aided by fine costumes, a beautifully minimalist set, and endearing performances from all his actors. Laughed sooooo hard!

Keyword: Steampunk, Victorian, industrial age, Robots, Anthology, Victorian era, Full-length, minute drama, hot air balloon. When a metal shortage threatens the infrastructure of the Steampunk-inspired land of Steel City, scientist Isabella McGleetch goes on a quest for the infamous Brass Banyan - a tree that grows solid brass. Meanwhile, a group of political dissidents and saboteurs have been disrupting the daily life of the city, and making things very different for Mayor Gunson - a half-man, half-machine Meanwhile, a group of political dissidents and saboteurs have been disrupting the daily life of the city, and making things very different for Mayor Gunson - a half-man, half-machine dictator whom the citizens fear.

Macabre-Cadabra by Daniel Guyton. One-Act 20 min , A magician with a very dark secret receives an offer that he Will he choose tricks over treats?

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Or is he happy waving his wand and pulling out a rabbit? Keyword: One-Act, children's play, middle school, elementary school, jungle animals, Jungle Book, poaching, learning a lesson. Ollie the Elephant just wants to sleep, but the other animals in the jungle want to play. In his frustration, Ollie snaps at everyone - including his friends, and a vindictive snake who tries to get revenge.

The jungle animals all have to band together to help one another, and learn a lesson about friendship and cohabitation. Keyword: Christmas play, minute comedy, holiday play, Cougars, Old women, elderly 80 year old woman man sex cheating love. One-Act 10 min , Two old ladies head to the mall in search of hot young men to spend Christmas Eve with. I really enjoyed reading about the food court cougars.

You are absolutely fearless when it comes to pushing comedy to the edge. One-Act 15 min , Barbara's life is turned upside-down when her husband suddenly vanishes without a warning. When he returns four weeks later, they each try to pick up the pieces. It is psychologically interesting, and gifted actors Matt Benton as Milo and Courtney Lomelo as Barbara find both the intensity and the humor, and create an intriguing portrait of a marriage leaving a lot to be desired. The work is directed by Melissa Flower, who found the energy and pace. Missing by Daniel Guyton.

Genre: adventure, comedy, dark comedy, drama, political, tragedy, young audiences. Keyword: One-Act, children's play, elementary school, child trafficking, human trafficking, Kidnapping, Stranger Danger, child endangerment. Keyword: Shakespeare, Shakespearean poetry, Moliere, medieval, Dostoevsky, iambic pentameter, poetry, high concept, non-realism. The Virgin Mary travels to hell to comfort the souls in torment. While there, she condemns her own soul to save those of all mankind - much to God's dismay.

What erupts is a war between Heaven and Hell, with all of our souls in the balance What erupts is a war between Heaven and Hell, with all of our souls in the balance. The story captivates you. It has a premise that is delectable to the nth degree. The actors pulled it off in spades. She makes a deal with Satan Paul Knox to stay down there so the damned can leave Would Janine Garofalo do the same thing for the prisoners at Guantanamo?

Mary does just what Christ did, the ultimate self-sacrifice. Satan does what he does best. He deceives. In so doing, [Mary] inspires God to show a little compassion. He does but only after realizing that mother knows best. The acting draws you in. Not only does she have to be meek, humble, and virginal, she has to also show some moxy to pull off this Mother Teresa act. Dunaway captures all that. It holds out the hope that American playwrights will move above realism. What's more, Mr.

Guyton's talents as a poet and a dramatist are stellar, and the script is a model for other dramatists. It's a tale of a journey from home in the vein of Hesse's "Siddhartha," but with a more philanthropic aim for the titular Mary Guyton's gift for lush language is a gem for any reader, and it demands as many live readings as possible.

It combined poetry, theatre, and Israeli Gaga dance Simply costumed and expertly presented by both the actors and the dancer, the use of the Gaga movement lent a surreal aura to what would otherwise have felt like straight theater. I like the way, in iambic pentameter, you had so many rhymes within the middle of the lines I thought your work with this aspect of the play was remarkable. I especially liked the characters of Mary and Satan. I imagine they would be fun and rewarding to play I am so impressed by you and this piece of work, which might be called 'religious' or 'epic' or 'poetic' The additional characters like the Cobbler work excellently as well.

At the same time, it manages to not only be entertaining but also an excellent literary result. He is a wonderful playwright and an audience favorite. I can't wait to see it performed. What an amazing piece of work. Quite impressive. Thanks for sharing it with me. You deserve all the credit given. Claus Gets Menopause by Daniel Guyton. Keyword: Mrs. Claus, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Santa Claus, Christmas play, holiday play, Raunchy comedy, minute comedy, good roles for seniors. Chaos erupts at the North Pole on the night before Christmas!

As Santa gets ready for the busiest night of the year, Mrs.