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Send us your Traffic Ticket and Points Saver will help you with team of specialized legal experts.

Beware of these new speeding ticket scams

Points Saver have skilled and certified licensed legal experts giving an affordable option to fight for your traffic ticket. Points Saver provides you with specialized and expert legal services for traffic tickets, speeding tickets, stunt driving, careless driving charges, driving with a suspended license, accident charges, red light camera tickets etc.

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We help defend your good driving record, avoid car insurance increases, remove or reduce demerit points penalties, and save on ticket fines. At Points Saver we will help you in obtaining the best possible legal remedy. All legal advice relating to your case would be given by the independent attorney or legal representative that you would retain. Hence you are not alone to fight a case but our network of independent legal experts back you with all the facts and figures to reduce or nullify the penalties. Over nearly 30 years representing clients in traffic court, our speeding ticket lawyers have developed procedures and a knowledge base of technicalities strategies to challenge radar, laser evidence so our clients save money and protect their driving records.

We have 10 offices in California from San Francisco to Los Angeles where you can consult with a traffic ticket attorney today.

How to Beat Speeding Tickets Before and After You Get One - What the Courts Don't Want You to Know

A speeding ticket will stay on your driving record anywhere from three to 10 years, depending on the nature of the infraction. This mark can also affect your insurance rates. Fortunately, there are ways to a judge may decide to throw out the citation. You can dispute the ticket and appear in court. The judge will likely drop the matter entirely in this situation. Also, if you can show that you were speeding to avoid a collision with another car or object, your ticket may get reduced.

Other possible situations may be if the officer writes down the wrong information about you or your car.

Five Strategies for Fighting a Traffic Ticket

The use of broken equipment may also work in your favor. The judge may look at your driving record. If you have few or zero previous moving violations, there is a good chance you could off with paying less. The judge may also consider similar factors to a ticket-dismissal situation. Is it worth fighting a speeding ticket?

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  8. Moving citations can hit you heavy in the pocketbook. By researching the possibilities and going to court, you could save yourself a big chunk of change.

    Do all speeding tickets go on your record? The California DMV keeps track of your traffic violations through a point system. Speeding tickets typically result in one or two points on your record.

    1. Be polite.

    This might not seem like much, but points from minor infractions stay on your record for 39 months. If you receive four points from California speeding ticketsin one year or six points in two years, then your license may be suspended for six months. This can have negative consequences on your ability to travel to work, grocery stores and medical appointments.

    The best way to avoid a suspension is to contact an attorney who can help keep your record clean.

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    3. 2. Organize all the facts.
    4. Here's how to fight your speeding or traffic ticket..
    5. Fighting a speeding ticket requires you or an attorney to craft a defense of your case. If your case goes to court, then the police officer who issued you the ticket can make a statement through writing or appear in at trial.