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Of course the segregation isn't exceptionless or inflexible -- there are a few other white parishioners at our parish, and a superficially healthy level of diversity at the parish where we used to go, and in most cases it's not as if anyone is made to feel feel unwelcome at a parish where he or she is visibly in the minority.

A Tale of Two Churches: Why Being Both Missional & Pentecostal Matters

Certainly we've never felt anything but embraced by the community at our new parish. But none of that alters the simple reality of the parishes' demographics, or the ways these are reflected in the parishes' differing practices and traditions: the prayers of the liturgy are the same, but ours are punctuated by by hymns from Lead Me, Guide Me rather than Choral Praise , and the congregation claps and sways along with those hymns instead of standing quietly in place. Parishioners sometimes murmur a soft "Mmm-hmm" or "Amen" when our pastor hits the right note in his homily.

Meanwhile, behind these differing practices are the cultural, historical, and socioeconomic realities they reflect. Our old parish was large, relatively well-endowed, and located in one of the more expensive parts of the city; our new one is small, of modest means, and located in a "bad" read: black neighborhood where people like me rarely find an occasion to go.

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And more importantly, almost all of our present co-parishioners are either immigrants to this country, or members of a minority that this country long regarded as a race of non-persons and non-citizens, and now regarded, sometimes only begrudgingly, as a race of persons and citizens who are of a decidedly second class. My wife and I love our new parish more than any we've attended before, and hope we'll be part of it for many years to come.

We can attend the church and join in its worship, but the traditions that define this place will never be our traditions, as we will always be outsiders to the distinctively black experience that they grow out of, and that gives these traditions their meaning. That this is a parish of black Catholics in the American South is essential to its being the kind of place it is.

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In the same way, the fact that the church targeted last night was another such community—a community not just of Americans and Christians, but of black Americans and black Christians—makes the shooting a very different sort of event than it would have been otherwise. This is why it's so badly tone-deaf for South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, whose office is in a building that until quite recently stood adorned by the Confederate Flag, to release a statement about the inscrutable motives of a person who would "enter one of our places of worship and take the life of another.

Haley is Indian-American, and grew up in a Sikh family—if you think this is equivalent to being a black person in the Deep South, please think again. I know this, because even as a regular member of a similar church I know that if my parish were attacked in a similar manner, it would be they who had been targeted—not we , and certainly not I. The painful story of race in this country—a story whose painfulness is not at all in the past, but remains today and will persist long into the future, not just in places like Charleston and Tallahassee but in all corners of the United States—cannot be separated from the story of what happened last night.

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For the latter story is but a chapter in the former. And we can't tell this story while neglecting the reality that ours is a country so racially torn that even our churches, though one in Christ Jesus, are so often black or white, poor or rich, slave or free.

About a year and a half ago, the congregation began worshiping at SBC. Down to about six active members, the church made final financial arrangements with their host and held the final First Baptist service on June 30, Purdy said.

The church has undergone its share of challenges, said Pitts, who has led the congregation since December When he arrived, members were reeling from the death of their beloved and long-time senior pastor, John Edward Nix-McReynolds. Nix-McReynolds was 57 when he died in The impact reached even into the surrounding neighborhoods, the Los Angeles Times reported. The loss propelled church members into a period of mourning and pastoral transition they did not foresee or want, Pitts said. But the church has a comeback spirit woven into its DNA.

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Life-long member Connie Jones said she witnessed that during the Civil Rights era. The new pastor embarked on a listening tour with questions about church identity and its opportunities to thrive. Sometimes that means inviting other congregations to worship on campus, as SBC with a Vietnamese church. Clearly, responsible for creating this polarity are those who have been charged with ensuring that we are a part of the worldwide church—and it is up to them to see to it that we do not, as it were, unilaterally secede from the rest of the church.

We must address this gap between the two churches because we are about to be faced with a Third Church. This emerging Third Church springs from a decolonization impulse, from a desire to see reflected the various cultures, nationalities and regions of the church in a more meaningful way.

Two rural/suburban congregations experiment with ways they can work together

The Third Church agenda will be forced on the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the near future; it cannot be avoided. This movement will demand more power in the local fields, more self determination, wanting no longer to be dictated to by the leadership in the West.

Tale of Two Churches

We can prepare for these changes by working on the gap between the existing two churches right now. We begin by addressing the urgent issue of the differences in the application of policy between the two blocs, including the autocratic leadership that is paralysing the church in this region, especially in the matter of recognizing the ministry of our female colleagues.

He is passionate about equality in ministry, and in developmental approaches to ministry. He and his wife Thuli have three children.