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First, you can put any templates your group needs to share in this folder, and everyone with that folder designated as the source of their workgroup templates will be able to find and use them. So if you want to segregate templates according to type forms, letters, reports, etc.

We use multiple folders under My Templates where I work. We would like to encourage folks to actually create their own templates if they need them. Thanks for taking the time to share that comprehensive reply, Cliff. There are some great tips in there. Thank you, everyone! All the information has been hugely helpful. I created a form using Rich Text fields.

Modifying and building on the basic form to create a more functional form

When the protected form opens, it opens to the first field, which is what I want it to do. If someone wants to click into a field where they want to enter information rather than tabbing through fields to get there , how do I get the entire field to get focus when I click on it? That means that if they want to enter information, they have to delete the default text. All this information is great! Is there any way to make the legacy text field not be highlighted, i. Have you printed it out and seen it highlighted?

Is it all fields, or just the one the cursor is in when you print? There may be something there you can try. My form, as others, is not tabbing between the fields when reopened. I have restricted editing to forms only and followed many of the suggestions above. Here is my question:. Does changing the text fields from Rich text to Plain text fix the problem? I tried the plain text and that seemed to work, except that the field before my check box tabs to the next field after the check boxes. How can I get them to tab in order?

I have the same problem as Machelle—my tabbing between fields works fine, with one exception—it always skips the field with checkboxes. Any ideas? One of my programmers figured it out. He created a text field and placed the checkboxes inside of the text field. Try that and see how it works for you. Anyone have suggestions on how to tab between text fields and say, a radio button field? And is there a relatively simple way to do this when protecting the form or does it require programming? I created a form that contains two drop down lists.

It tabs fine until it reaches a drop down list, then skips everything in between and tabs directly to the next drop down list. How can I get it to tab all the way through? For some reason, I create a form with text fields and after I protect it only one character can be entered in the field.

Word 2007: Setting up protected form fields

If I unprotect it, it works correctly. What do I need to do? I am trying to e-mail my document to someone and want them to have full rights to change anything they want. I can not seem to make this happen. Any suggestions??? Try right-clicking on the field, then selecting Properties and see what sort of Maximum Length limit is applied to the type of field that it is. I follow the same procedure but instead of fit text I select wrap text. Thanks for any information you can provide. This thread has a plethora of info. I created a template in Word , which is full of Rich Text Fields. No matter where I click, the cursor goes near the top of Page 1 and I cannot type anything.

If I enter data before I save the document to a new name different from Document1, Document2, etc. Once I save, however, it is locked. I need to enter data into the fields, then pass the document to a supervisor for him to make additional changes. Also I have a naming procedure that I must follow. Any thoughts? How to update those fields? However, I have no idea how to get these to work with a protected form. Replying to: All this information is great!

I have tried all of the suggestions above but I still need to know how to create a form in MS Word without the lines moving. Your help is greatly appreciated!

How to Create a Questionnaire in Word

If you insert one of the Legacy Tools controls e. That may be a workaround for your issue. However, with the new controls in Word and later, you can set the text field to use a particular style in the Properties, so another option would be to use a style specifically for these table cells that has a smaller font size than usual. If I try to tab to the next text field or radio box, the cursor remains in the current text field and extends the the underline — at this point I use the cursor keypad to advance to the next field. When clicking directly on a text field, although the field is highlighted, it does not allow me to enter type any information.

I did not experience these issues when I created form documents in Word Are you using the controls provided in Word , or the legacy controls? You may find that the legacy controls give you the same functionality you were used to in Word Please help! Therefore it should not print when no text is added UNLESS the user has its print settings defaulted to print hidden text — but this is unlikely and easily resolveable if it is the case.

Am still struggling with tabbing to the next field — am I right in thinking that I have to remove all the rich text fields and replace them with legacy fields for this to work…. I did substitute all of my rich text fields with legacy tool text fields and the tabbing between fields worked perfectly. For example, a form may have a field for a home number and another for a mobile. Above discussion most helpful. I can get my text form fields inserted and working just how I want them.

Tried some different options, like inserting section break, with no success. Thanks much in advance. To start, create the form as one Word document and the next page as another. Then create a master document, which is another Word file that links those two documents. I have tried saving from a doc opened from my template but no matter what I do, the inputted data instantly vanishes and reverts back to the Company field.

Can someone tell me how to get the inputted info to save and or a way to get fields to self populate when inputted once throughout a doc without using the Bookmark reference? Hi Does anyone know how to create a reference form field? What I mean is, if I have a specific form field and put in a name at the top of a document, then I want the same name to appear at the bottom, where the specific person for example is signing an employee contract.

You should be able to use a bookmark to do what you want.

Adding Merge Data to Word Fillable Forms Breaks Form - Microsoft Community

Can someone tell me how to remove the blue from the legacy text box field in a form that I created? It is a simple form, created in Word I added legacy text box fields and the blue box shows. When I type in the field before protecting the document to filling in forms only, the blue disappears.

After I protect the document to filling forms only, the blue remains. Is there a way to overcome this? In Word , if you insert plain text content control instead of a rich text content control , tabbing between fields works once the document has been protected. However, it skips the Legacy form fields check boxes. I am working on a protected word form. How can different people track changes in the unprotected text form fields? I am hoping that different users can select a text color and edit text in each of the form fields. Can you protect a cell that includes a Formula?

I do not see that option under the Legacy Tools or other options in the Controls section. Thanks so much! I am thrilled to find this thread! I found my answer! I had checked the box to Limit Formatting…when I unchecked the box, my text enters into the form in the font size I want. Darn tick boxes! Word — Frustrated Beyond Belief 1. Had a form that previously worked perfectly for tabbing fields sequentially.

After I tried to fix, now it skips 3 fields when tabbing. Save, protect, save again did not fix, nor has anything else I found on the net. Someone said use legacy over rich text, where is that? On the Developer tab, go to the Controls group. Thanks, Rhonda, that helps a lot. Now I got my form figured out, and it sort of comes back from before, not very intuitive the way MS has it designed. However, if I send it to the recipient in an e-mail to open and use and they press enter, it throws off the entire form and ends up on two pages instead of one!

The only way I could get the font size to change was to change it for the entire field as you would normally change the font size for any selected text in Word; if you did this you have to do it before you protect the document.

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I noticed that they used InDesign to create the original document the Properties tell you that. I have created a form with fillin text fields, it works great except for one problem that my users are requesting. Is there a way to modify a table once its been inserted in a form field? At this point I am stating that to modify the table they must remove, modify and re-submit in the field. Does anybody know a better way? Its only one field that needs this level of user-accessiblity.

Hi there.

I have created a fax letterhead in a form format and locked the document but the problem that I have is that the text keeps on reverting to a grey colour instead of the normal Automatic [black]. Why does it do this and how can I fix it. Click on the Content Control in editing mode, then click Properties in the Controls group on the ribbon. You are quite a knowledgeable lady! I hope you can help me because this is driving me bananas! This is a protected document but I have set places for them to be able to type in. I would like to know if there is a way to limit the characters in the spaces that are allotted for our vendors to type in.

Thank you! To do this, right-click on the field, then select Properties, then set the Maximum length. Thank you for your response, Rhonda. Is that possible? Thanks KP. Holy wow. I was able to google it in like 3 seconds, find this article, and send it to him. Thanks for making me look awesome and predicting precisely what we need!

Thanks Brian. Is the any way to make add a conditional IF statement to suppress lines that have a. I am wondering the same thing.

Creating a Word 2016 document that automatically fills with form data. (APA style)

I'm trying to use Excel as a database and extrapolate data from items quantity greater than 0 and put it into a word template for work! Trying to gather information and ideas. I am trying to do the same thing for work. I want to use excel as a database and extrapolate data from items quantity greater than 0 and insert that data into a word template! Any code for the IF statement? Why in have they not made this any simpler? I have to print a few thousand forms with data pulled from multiple cells in Excel I am a teacher and am NOT paid to spend all day manipulating data.

Just insert Excel column names where you need them to be in a Word document, press a button and get a few thousand files you need! Good solution, I have linked excel to word using your solution, done in office But i am experiencing problem sending solution to my client with office and MAC. Can you please help in doing the some with office and MAC Is it possible to extract one line at a time to a Word Document? What I have is an activity tracking spreadsheet, which is updated whenever after a task.

There are some mandatory data validation cells to fill in, but once everything is filled in I would like a user to press a button say at the end of the line and it pushes the row of information to a Word Document where the user can continue to fill in a summary of what they have been doing.

Awesome tip. Thanks Ryan.

Use Word to make custom interactive forms

One question though. Can the user specify which excel document they want the data imported from?

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Well, the Workbook is opened with the "Open" command, and the sheet is selected using the exWb. Sheets "Sheet1" function, changing Sheet1 to whatever your sheet is called. Is this what you meant by "Excel document"? Try DietPi! Christian Cawley. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email.

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Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Regards, Fane I tried to write the code, but I have a Compile error user-defined type Application Dim wdDoc As Word. Document Dim wdCell As Word. Application 'Here the target document resides in the same folder as the workbook. With wdDoc.

Hi there, First of all massive thanks! Thanks again! I am also interested in this! In my case, account formatting. I am also interested in this. In my case, accounting formatting. Ryan, Is there a way to have VBA recognize different types of column labels that mean the same thing? Hi guys, Why not to simply use the Word mailing tool? Kind regards. Exactly how do you "have the data-update script run on Document. Open ". How to set text variables? This isn't "surprisingly easy", it's damn complicated. Hi Ryan, Is it possible to extract one line at a time to a Word Document?

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