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Go north and put the necklace on the pedestal. Take the handbook, crystal globe and book of Pryan, then when Hugh enters take the necklace to make him vanish. Go south twice and you will arrive in Drevlin. Walk south and northwest, then fix the gap in the pipes using your pieces of pipe. Put the cork in the remaining hole, then turn the master valve. Talk to the dwarf, then show him your map - he will give you some ore.

Head southeast then east to the Kicksey Winsey. Open the compartment and put the ore inside, then head east to discover a room of glass coffins. Put the crystal globe in the statue's hands, then take the seal piece. Head back to your ship. Transfer the rune from the book of Pryan on to the steering stone. Return to the Nexus. Talk to Xar and you will give him the first seal. Make sure you note the names and titles of the 6 devils - you need them later in the game.

Go north from your ship and take the pink flowers. Walk west to the citadel, then west again to take a nut and a shell. Return to your ship and go to the Tree City. Head northwest twice and take the clothes line. Head west into the tree and work for the cook. Give your doll to the girl and follow her east to the ledge. Save the prince with your rope, then follow him southeast to the meeting place. Wait until the fire starts and a glowing ember shoots out of it. Gather the ember in the shell, then keep waiting to see Zifnab and learn a new spell.

Cast Transportation on the white disk to follow him. Talk to Zifnab, then take his black disk. Tie the rope around the large branch. Go down and take some yellow and blue flowers - crush the yellow ones. Now swing across the chasm using the rope. Go east and throw the black disk into the Maw, then go southeast and Transport on the white disk. Put the ember on the hive, then throw the marmalade at the spider. Cut the pod using your shear so you can take the golden staff.

Now push the corpse in the lower left of the screen to reveal some toodstools and a magic arrow to take. Transport back up using the black disk. Give the poetry book, blue flowers and golden staff to the prince. Now talk to the elf prince and the human princess and both will join you. Head back to the Citadel.

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Go north, west and north twice to where a dwarf girl is tied up. Give the book of Pryan to the princess and ask her to play the melody on her flute. Cut the vines with your shear, then wait while the dwarf asks the elders for help. She will return and give you some herbs. Head south and east. Put the yellow petals in the nut, then give the nut to the animal - it will pull the meat of the nut out for you, so take it. Now give the meat, herbs, pink flower and toadstools to the princess to cure her cough. Now go back to where you rescued the girl. Head north into the forest until you reach a central tree.

Try to climb it, then ask the elf prince to climb it for you, and he will bring you the crystal. Go back south 4 times, pull on the branch and throw the crystal down the stump. Head south and the Citadel will be opened. You will get a stone from Zifnab, and the crystal as well. Take the seal piece then go back to your ship. Transfer the rune from the crystal to the steering stone.

Exit your boat and go northeast. Talk to Jethro and get his bucket. Go north to get some rocks, then head south, east, north and up. Take the tea set, then go downstairs and give it to the butler. Talk to him and learn what time tea is served. Now go south and east to the clock tower. Put the rocks in the bucket, then attach it to the hook. Go up and turn the dial to just before the time tea is served. Turn the crank and wait for the bell to ring, then pull the release lever.


Go down, west and north, then east into the open room. Take the book from the stand and read it to learn 2 new spells and a new location. Head off the ship, then go northeast and you will beet Kleitus, who will poison you, but you will also learn the Hunger spell. Talk to Prince Edward in the dungeon, and learn about the bottles in the bar. Cast Hunger on the dog, then give it the steak and cast Possession on it. As the dog, get the key and give it to Haplo. Now head north and go upstairs. Look for the bottle that does not obscure any of the lines of the tablecloth, and take it.

Go back down and south and give the bottle to Haplo, then touch him. Now as Haplo, pick up the wine and drink it, then hand it to the Edmund so he can drink. Now grab the key and unlock both your manacles and Edmund's. Talk to him and he will join you. Love this series.

Nicky This is probably one of the first fantasy series I ever picked up and I love it for that. Do you know any similar books I could read after that?

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The Belgariad series is certainly a much simpler plot and can be a bit repetitive if you read it all at once, but it's still enjoyable : less. See all 4 questions about Dragon Wing…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 21, Jennifer Troike rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fantasy lovers.

Book one in a 7 book series. I LOVE the series. Let me say this, if you think 'oh no it's just another fantasy series', think again. Yeah it sure seems that way, till you get further in Some books drag, some are better, but the last 2 books are my favorite. Book 1 however is action packed and hooks you in quickly. View 1 comment. Feb 20, Aaron Miller rated it it was amazing. The Death Gate Cycle is probably my favorite fantasy series. The settings are unique and engrossing.

The characters are deep and complex. Haplo is the most interesting fantasy character I've come across. View 2 comments. Oct 13, Dirk Grobbelaar rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own , fantasy. This is certainly an example of 'thinking out of the box' as far as world building is concerned. I'm not too sure how to approach a review of this book. I've never read the Death Gate Cycle before, and I must say that this book left me intrigued.

I did, initially, have a struggle wrapping my mind around the world of Arianus and the different realms. The maps and diagrams in the front of the book certainly helped. One or two of the characters left me cold, but that didn't really alter my reading This is certainly an example of 'thinking out of the box' as far as world building is concerned. One or two of the characters left me cold, but that didn't really alter my reading experience.

Let's face it, the world s being presented here is almost a character in its own right. I did enjoy the surprises and twists, although the intrigue political and otherwise being presented here is not nearly on the same level as what can be found in other series'. I think that actually helps the plot in this case, where too much skulduggery could seriously bog things down. There are secrets and conspiracies though, and enough adventure to keep the pages turning.

I would recommend this to people who intend reading the whole series. It's blatantly obvious that some loose ends are only going to be resolved right at the very end. Like I mentioned, I wasn't sure how to approach this review. I couldn't help but feel it might have been better to wait until I've finished book seven. On the other hand, by then I would likely have forgotten what I wanted to say in the first place.

Anyway, I'll not go into plot details. This series has a large following, it seems, and most folk likely already know what it's about. It is Fantasy, with just the slightest touch of Mechanical Sci-Fi if that is even a term.

I enjoyed it and will check out the sequels. Oh, and the cover art is pretty cool too. So, if you're into Dragonlance era Fantasy that is reminiscent of Dragonlance whilst still being something else entirely, you might want to check this out. Jun 14, Anna rated it it was amazing. I split the review for this up I first read these as a teenager and I was completely and utterly hooked. This is sci-fi-fantasy at its hugest form. Tolkien has created a massive fantasy world, in all its glory. Weis and Hickman wrote so I split the review for this up Weis and Hickman wrote something that entwines sci-fi and fantasy, and adds tons of physics, magic and very nonsensical moments to the mix.

This book is character-driven and it is hard not to get involved. From the unreadable Patryn, Haplo, to the lamentable Jonathan book 3 Fire Sea , to the overconfident, proud Xar, and the very intriguing and one-of-a-kind truly! Dare I use the word "bromance"? Hell, yes. It is impossible not to feel endearment and frustration at the interaction and evolution of the relationship between Jarre and Limbeck, the dwarven rebel couple in book 1, Dragon Wing. He has personality and is written with endearing expression and emotion. Bane, the extremely manipulative tyke of a child. I was happy to see how his fate turned, sorry-not-sorry.

For someone so small, he caused a lot of trouble and truly got on my nerves.

I'll get to Hugh the Hand and Haplo elsewhere. These characters were the reason I got sucked into the stories. What, how, why, when? Take me on this adventure and show me all this world has to offer! This is the first book of a fantasy series from the authors who were responsible for the origins of Dragonlance.

In this one, we are introduced to a land that has different realms. These realms could either be higher or lower than each other and they have their own story. Each realm is known but at the same time remains a mystery to the other realm's residents. I would classify this as epic fantasy as there was so much going on but it never got bogged down in the details. There were aspects of su This is the first book of a fantasy series from the authors who were responsible for the origins of Dragonlance.

There were aspects of subjugation of races, revolution, and idolatry.

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Immediately I was intrigued by this book as we were introduced into the character of Hugh the Hand. He is an assassin who is hired to kill a child. I was invested in the characters and the mystery of why a child was to be killed. I knew there was more than meets the eye and there was. There are several races of sentient beings in this book and I liked the conflict in between these races. This is an interesting world and is vast in its scope. With some fantasy novels trying this huge undertaking, the description can get stuck in a mire with its details.

That never happens in this book as the pace is terrific throughout. I was impressed by the huge undertaking of conceiving this world. With a little bit of humor thrown in the reader is intrigued by the characters and the mystery of where this book is heading towards. This is the first book so it left a lot on the table but I look forward to exploring these stories.

Jul 09, Charty rated it liked it.

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I'm re-reading the Death Gate Cycle because it's been a long time and it seemed like a good summer series. The first book is amazingly spry in that they don't bog it down with endless details and make it carry the entire world-building burden. Plus they are pretty sneaky by starting the reader off with a main character Hugh the Hand who isn't really the main character at all, yet he makes a good entry point for the reader. Enough details about the world and upcoming conflict are hinted at, but the world and story can be enjoyed as a stand alone effort in this volume.

Especially engaging are the Gegs and their world involved in Kicksey-Wicksy, a giant machine that no one quite remembers what it's supposed to do, and yet the entire race of Dwarves lives to serve it and actually worship it. Our main antagonists, Haplo and Alfred are introduced and by the end of the book I was sucked back in and ready to read the next one. A good start and I thought this held up surprisingly well after so many years away.

Jul 04, Brandon Pratt rated it it was amazing. Feb 08, Bill rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy. I'll certainly keep going with this seven-volume series because this one was a lot of fun. Any time I pick out a Fantasy or Sci-Fi novel to read, it is imperative that it has this one quality: Give me an interesting the more mind-blowing, the better world or concept. These authors obviously put a lot of thought into this world they've created, and described it in a manner that was not dull or over-wordy, but fun and adventurous.

Top marks here, and hey, a pretty darn good plot too.

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I also enjoyed the characterizations as well. Nothing quite John Irving-esque here, but good enough to care about what was going to happen next to them. The next volume is definitely on the near horizon for me! Jan 07, Alejandra Sc rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , fantasy.

This was the first epic fantasy book I ever read. This saga is the reason why I never enjoyed Harry Potter at a young age. I found it rather lame compared to this.

If you are into exploring new worlds, this is definitely my way to go. Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are an amazing writing duo. A good start for the series. The characters are nice, the plot is quite good, but the ambitious worldbuliding is probably its greatest achievement. Apr 20, H. The Death Gate Cycle is set in the far future, a post-apocalyptic world that looks a lot like traditional fantasy worlds—full of humans, elves, and dwarves.

The difference are two races, Patryns and Sartans demigods in their own minds. Their war led to the Sundering of the world. The Patryns were imprisoned in the hellish Labyrinth and the world was split into four—one for each of the old elements. The minor reapers chase their targets, but will not go more than feet away from the gate, and return through the gate if their targets do not return within 1 hour.

The negative energy from the gate heals the minor reapers. This creature can be restored via resurrection or similar effects, but the caster must make a DC 30 caster level check or the spell fails. Pathfinder Adventure Path Shadows of Gallowspire. Shop the Open Gaming Store!